This website came about as a result of our mutual love of music and our not so mutual love of our first instruments. We all had drastically different experiences when starting our musical journeys – some have been incredibly enjoyable, whilst others have left us in tears. While it has not affected our passion for playing as we are all still all here today, it definitely shines through when we talk about our early experiences.


We have met people however who have told us that an unnecessarily large instrument being placed into their unfortunately small hands has resulted in them leaving it to collecting dust. We were also told by some passionate fellow that if he were initially given an electric guitar instead of a classical, then we would have witnessed the second coming of Jimi Hendrix by now.


Whilst this seemed a little unlikely, we ultimately believe that for those picking up an instrument for the first time, a mismatched choice can be the difference between a lifelong passion or a frustrating failure. As such it is crucial to make sure we put the right instrument in the right hands. This website will review the pros and cons of a range of instruments and hopefully provides enough information for to help you make the right choice


Rock on music lovers!


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