Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set


Best Electronic Drum Set for BeginnersThis set shows why Yamaha is considered next to Roland at the top of the e-kit world. This magnificent set comes equipped with all the latest programmes and technology and its response is remarkable. With a wonderfully versatile module is packed with all of Yamaha’s ingenuity and high-end hardware whilst being at an extremely reasonable price given what you are getting. It’s perfect to practice on and learn your trade as well as traveling around and using it for gigs, studios and recording with friends. All in all this intelligent, compact kit can easily carry you through the start of your drumming journey and much further.


Spec and Features:

  • DTX502 module with over 691 high-quality drum and percussion sample sounds
  • XP80 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick
  • Real hi-hat system for authentic, nuanced feel
  • Includes KP65 Kick Pad
  • Large 13″ 3-zone Ride and Crash cymbals and 13″ double-zone Hi-Hat cymbal
  • Cymbals have exclusive 360-degree “choke” function
  • HH65 remote hi-hat foot controller allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds
  • 7″ Drum Pads newly designed for greater playability and durability
  • Training Functions with Voice Guidance
  • Module: DTX502
  • Snare : XP80, Tom: XP70 x 2, Floor Tom: XP70 x 1, Bass Drum : KP65, Hi-Hat : RHH135 + HS650A, Crash Cymbal: PCY135, Ride Cymbal: PCY135, Rack: RS502
Pads and Stands   


Module and Features




The first thing to note is that this set is not sold with a kick pedal, which is common with high-end sets. They probably assume you have one you prefer so don’t include it which is ironic as the lower end kits do include one. You will need to buy one on top, but this does not detract from this. This kit has been produced to accompany Yamaha’s revered DTX502 module which is loaded on to this system and we will talk about later. The pads themselves are sophisticated feats of engineering which make playing this kit a joy. They are marvelously playable with fantastic dynamics and responsiveness. In fact, this kit is the most responsive out of any we will review including the Roland TD11KV. The kick and the cymbals are equally superb. The hi-hat, which often with these e-kits can won’t have a good response, feels natural and producing all the chops is simple and accurate without you having to mess around with the controls and balance. There is no crosstalk either, so you won’t hit the tom and hear a kick noise which lower-end sets are very susceptible to.

The kit will take a couple of hours to set up but that it just because of all the parts. Otherwise, it is very simple to assemble. The pads are solid as well as the mounts, you can tell that this is a high-quality kit that they have not skimped on – inside or out. Overall this feels and plays like a real drum set and you can tell the difference between a set like this and one for under $1000 as this is truly outstanding.


Onboard features:

The controls for the module are easy to use and a good bit of high-tech gadgetry. Yamaha’s slick module is located within easy reach and is extremely intuitive, well-labeled and has the familiar access wheel (which you will recognize if you have played an e-kit before). Scrolling through the menu and screen is a doddle with great usability and interface.This kit has a huge memory with 691 preloaded percussion and drum sounds as well as over a 100 keyboard voice. The pre-loaded sounds are not cheap cheesy, synthetic sounds, they are real authentic drums and give you remarkable versatility. The module interprets each hit swiftly and with impeccable accu racy and the sound is striking (excuse the pun). The samples are crisp, clean and they ring out perfectly with the right amount of reverb. Once you have played around with this kit you will realize how incredibly they have done to mirror hitting the drum, whether the head or rim shot.  The cymbals have features like muting, choking, swells, all of which add to the realism and authenticity of playing this kit. It has great onboard practice functions and training programmes that can continue to challenge you no matter what skill level you are. As well as this there are the usual USB slots that let you upload your own files.


Our decision

This kit really is the top kit out there for under $1500. You could ask for any more in the way of response, feel sound, functionality, portability and just general all round fun to play It is at the higher end of the mid kits but it is worth every penny. Unlike some of the cheaper kits which you will outgrow after a year or so, this set can stay with you for life and we mean it. You will not outgrow it and if and when you get an acoustic set, you will still want to hold on to this compact kit for sampling, studios or traveling around. In fact, it is very likely you won’t even want an acoustic kit after playing on this. This one is a keeper.